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Praise Pickers

Praying, Picking and Praising in Song!

Praise Pickers are made up of 6 men spanning 4 different decades that joined together to share their love and joy of traditional country, bluegrass and gospel music with others by sharing the word song.


The group was formed in 2011 and debuted their first CD entitled Isaiah 38:20 in August of 2012. This CD is filled with uplifting, hand clapping and foot stomping music that transcends generations and praises our Lord and Savior through song.

Band Members:

Lee Rose (Lead Vocals), Price Johnson (Baritone), John Riley (Lead Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle), John Riddle (Mandolin), Sam Farris (Banjo), Jessie Crawford (Rhythm Guitar), Curtis Anderson (Bass Guitar)


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Traditional country and gospel music with a bluegrass flavor!